A new free online directory of services and activities for Herefordshire

WISH is an exciting new venture being developed to help Herefordshire residents find information on care and support. The site has been under development for a few months now. It is taking longer than we thought it would because we have decided to include a comprehensive directory of activities, products and services for the whole population. However, we now have nearly 200 different organisations adding details of their activities and are hoping to launch the new system in January 2016.

Once up and running, people will be able to find information either directly online, or by phone or by visiting a member of the WISH team. The WISH team will be run by Services for Independent Living from a centre in Hereford. The team will also provide pop-up centres around the county.

Apologies for the delay …. but we’re nearly there. WISH will change the way people can find information and make it much easier for you to take control of your care.

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