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Creative media and digital storytelling

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Communities 2.0 can provide digital storytelling as a fun and different way of getting people to use digital technology.


Those who might not be interested about learning how to use the web may enjoy creating an animation or putting together a digital story of something from their life.


The digital storytelling session we run is a fun workshop that can help participants find their own voice by creating a personal digital story. Participants are gently guided through every step of the journey, from introduction to the concept of digital storytelling, to story development and finally the tools used to create the story.


Communities 2.0 can also provide workshops in film making and digital photography.


If you feel a creative media workshop is a great way to get your members involved in digital technology without having to sit down and learn all about computers, get in touch.


Example - Animation at United Welsh Housing

Our Communities 2.0 team Mog, Angharad and Matt spent a day in Caerphilly at United Welsh Housing's offices.

They took with them some plasticine, cameras, laptops and some free software to show a group of tenants fun things you can do with digital technology.

At the end of the day United Welsh tenants had produced some fabulous animations.

"For some of us, who had never even used a computer, we were surprised at how easily we managed it. Within the space of a few short hours we had all designed, created and produced our own animations."

The session was designed to inspire tenants to use technology and to recognise how it could be used for communication. United Welsh Housing wanted to be able to get messages and news to their tenants via new forms of technology which is faster, cheaper and less time consuming that traditional methods.

Watch one of the animations  in the video below, or watch it on Vimeo (external website).




Get in touch with us at Communities 2.0 if you would like to do something similar with your community group.


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