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Email and social media

Email and social media are all about staying, and getting, in touch with family, friends and people you haven't even met yet.



 Spam - what is spam and how to minimise it 

Be safe using email - Get Digital guide to keeping safe with email

Getting started with Facebook - a guide to setting up an account on Facebook

How to use YouTube - get started with YouTube, how to search for videos and how to upload your own.

Start blogging - how to get started and set up your own Wordpress blog



*Gmail - how to set up an email account

*YouTube - YouTube is the world's second largest search engine, find out how to search for and watch videos



Get started with Twitter (external website)
GCF provides a series of short lessons about Twitter.

Get started with Facebook (external website)
GCF explains Facebook. Beware though, Facebook is regularly updated and new features added so the guides may not be quite up to date.

How to become a prolific blogger (external website)
If you're serious about writing a regular blog, here are some good ideas about how to find inspiration.

A guide to marketing on Tumblr (external website)
Tumblr is a blog for short entries, particularly good for images and video. It can make a useful marketing tool for particluar industries - this guide will explain how.